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My Upper Body Starting Muscle

I wanted to post a few pics of what I look like right now so I have something to look back on and compare to. Right now I pretty much only have pictures of my upper body but hope to put up some lower body as well.  I also want to put up some starting measurements so I can measure my progress. This is something I wish I would have done in the beginning two years ago when I first started lifting because I know I grew quite a bit and it would have been nice to see the measured increase. Oh well, live and learn as they say.

Notice the difference lighting makes to definition….I’ll have to try and remember this when I review my progress.


I’m really trying to get more definition in my obliques and I REALLY want to be able to see a six pack. I know that the way your abs come in has a bit to do with genetics but I’m really aiming for a different shape than what I have going on right now. They say abs are made in the kitchen…..”they” are right about that. With too much fat over your stomach, you won’t be able to see your abs. Right now I want size, so my focus is not on fat loss at the moment.

Um yea, I cannot figure out how to rotate this. Sorry about that. Hopefully you are sitting at a laptop and are able to pick it up and turn it 90 degrees. If not, I hope you don’t get a neck cramp.

So these are the starting photos of my upper body. Hopefully I’ll get some lower body posted soon to track my progress there.

As far as my big plans for a diet change….I have changed it but am not sticking exactly to my original plan. My guy and I decided not to go to Mexico right now since we both could really use the money on other things. I have about $1,000 worth of car repairs…booo 😦  But we hope to be able to get out of here together in the future. We have a Groupon that we bought a bit ago for a three night stay at a resort in northern Minnesota, so we have that to plan and look forward to.

But, back to the diet…..since I am not planning on being in a bikini soon, I am eating a LOT of healthy fats to help with my gaining along with a large amount of protein. I am usually somewhere between 130 and 150 grams to promote muscle growth while trying to stay a bit leaner.

I eat a large amount of my calories post workout so the nutrients are going into my depleted muscles and it is working well for me so far.



It’s Called Fraud

I’ve been working at the front desk of my gym now for about two weeks and have noticed a lot of people coming in to get their cards scanned and then turn around and walk right back out the door. They do this because they get a discounted insurance rates from their insurance provider for coming in a certain amount of times per month. This would be considered insurance fraud if you don’t make it past the desk people. It makes me so irritated every time it happens and a lot of the people that do it are the ones that look like they need to be working out the most. There is an extremely overweight, ok obese, woman that comes in all the time and scans her card and walks out. It doesn’t make any sense to me, at least put in some effort lady!

My favorite though are the people that come in and get their card scanned and then walk into the club just to walk out a minute later as if I’m not going to notice. Today there was a girl that walked in and then not far behind her a guy wearing jeans and not carrying a bag walked in. I thought for sure that he was going to turn right around and walk out but surprisingly he walked in. I wouldn’t have even guessed that they were together. Then the girl walked out about 30 seconds later. I thought maybe she forgot something in her car because she was wearing yoga pants. Not too long after the girl walked out, the guy did as well mumbling something about how he thought he had forgotten something in the club but didn’t see it. Thinking I would help him out, I offered to check the lost and found for his lost item. He replied that he thought it was at his friends house….ok, then wouldn’t it have been easier to call your friend first and ask him if he had whatever it was that you were looking for?

As he was saying this, I see the girl that had walked out pull up to the front in a car and slow down in front of the curb near the guy who was directly in front of the door where I could see them. The guy waved her ahead and walked next to the car as she pulled forward and then got into the car.

How silly of them to think I wouldn’t notice and also to think that they are the only dishonest people that come up in there. At least they were trying to be clever about it I guess.

In any case, don’t people understand that their insurance company gives them a discount because staying healthy means they get ill less often and suffer from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc less often when they are physically fit? Wouldn’t you think that they would want that for themselves? Call me crazy, but I want to live a long and healthy life, not a short life and certainly not a long unhealthy life. I want to be able to do things and breath easy as I age.


Possible Vacation

Ok,  so my boyfriend and are discussing a vacation to Mexico in April with some of his friends. This means I need to start eating better and STICK WITH IT!! I love to snack late at night so that’s when I’ll need to pay the most attention.  I will (of course) continue to train per usual because I absolutely love it and because without it I may go insane.

No one wants to see this lady in Mexico.

I may be switching up my training days a bit and skipping my optional cardio day for a little while unless I start doing it on Sundays after work. I picked up a second job at my gym at the front desk which will save me $30 a month in membership costs and I’ll be bringing in some extra cash every month(!) The downside is that my primary job starts at 5 or 6am and I don’t get done with my second job until 11pm so some nights I’m only getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep which is why my training schedule may change up a little.

Other than that I am really excited to be earning some extra cash and (hopefully) paying down some bills. Although this vacation may be setting me back a bit, but I/we (my boyfriend) need it.

Setting a Goal For Myself

Hello all!!

After gaining 15 lbs over the course of a year two years ago with my trainer after telling him I wanted to put on some muscle, I lost 5 of those lbs as they were added padding. Now after 1 year of training on my own, I want more muscle!! I have maintained my current weight for a year hovering around 115 lbs. My goal is to add some lean mass to my frame by continuing to train consistently and by focusing more on my diet. I have been a pretty healthy eater for a while now but now I want to focus on taking in calories for the purpose of muscle growth. I want to use this site as a way to track my food intake and workouts so that I stay on track and reach my goal. Ideally I would like to put on another 10 lbs of lean mass.

Currently I am training 5-6 days per week, training one body part per session. Typically my schedule looks like this:

Monday: Chest

Tuesday: Back

Wednesday: Cardio/ Rest

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Arms

Sunday: Rest

I may take some before pictures and for sure some measurements very soon to track my progress.

Thanks for reading!! I’m looking forward to sharing my progress with you!