Today’s workout was ROUGH!!! Not because I was trying some crazy new stuff or anything, but because I ate too much before going and thought I might puke at any moment. Yes, I am still eating like I’m going into hibernation and won’t be eating for months. I don’t know what my deal is……oh wait,  I almost forgot about the stress in my life right now, GRRR.

I ended up eating a huge amount of almonds and then tons of chocolate this morning after I ate my breakfast and I was just going to skip the gym again today, but I was so caffeinated from the chocolate that I tricked myself into thinking I’d be okay. Lesson learned. My performance sucked and I felt horrible. One of these days I’ll regain my self control and and continue moving forward.

Something else that has been happening more frequently over the past couple of weeks is that I’ll start to feel dizzy and lightheaded after an intense set and like I may black out. I have been saying for a while that I need to go and get some blood work done because I’m pretty sure that my iron is low which means that my blood isn’t carrying enough oxygen. I have been putting it off because I don’t have insurance and am afraid of the cost. I’m also a little scared that they’ll find something worse than just low iron. I have just been feeling so off lately. On top of feeling lightheaded, I find myself short of breath doing simple things including just talking while walking these days and I find myself taking a lot of deep breaths to get oxygen lately. I am also extremely exhausted. I was at work earlier this week and felt the need to lie on the concrete floor to rest for awhile. This is very unlike me and it is very frustrating. I need to bite the bullet and at least call and ask for prices (like my boyfriend has been telling me to do).

In other news, my cousin from Wisconsin was in town yesterday and it was one of my aunt’s birthdays, so my cousin arranged a surprise for her. My aunt’s fiance recently opened a restaurant called Wyatt’s Twisted Americana in Hastings, MN so my cousin called all of our cousins and aunts in the area to meet there for dinner along with our Nana. She had no idea and was so happy…..and surprised ;).

It was so nice to see everyone. I even got to see my two younger sisters whom I see very rarely because of our equally busy schedules. My youngest sister recently turned 18 and got her chest pierced (a dermal) and a tattoo (2 tattoos?) of a set of black and white roses, one on each hip. My other sister had gotten a tattoo a bit ago but I hadn’t seen it until last night. I was a little nervous to see it because I don’t particularly like tattoos on the arms of females unless it’s a sleeve or half sleeve, but it was beautifully done and looked like a sketch of a geisha.


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